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How to Refresh Old Content for SEO

Learn how our content refresh method got our client from zero traffic to 5,500 organic visitors each month.

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How we wrote 32 landing pages for 4 clients in 3 months

Learn the process and tools we used to write 32 SaaS landing pages for 4 clients in a quarter.

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How we're adapting our SEO strategy for Generative AI

Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the biggest update to search engines, which means the top result for a Google query will soon be generated by AI, pulled together from different sources.

Learn how we're adjusting our SEO strategy for Generative AI.

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ROI of a $2000 blog post vs. a $200 blog post

There's a reason why content can cost a few thousand bucks or a few hundred bucks.

Don't waste time on cheap content.

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Why you shouldn't do "SEO" first

Why 95% of companies I speak to are not a good fit for SEO content......

or at least, not right away.

What good is SEO content if you haven't figured out your core messaging and product marketing pillars?

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How we write thought leadership that ranks on Page 1

Anyone can write a blog post, but it takes some serious writing chops to write the kind of tech thought leadership that ranks on Page 1. How do we do it?

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How we audit a 1,800 page site

We just started a content audit for a massive 1800-page website. Here's how we kicked it off:

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How to rank for hundreds of keywords with link magnets

How we ranked for 165+ industry keywords with ONE blog post within 30 days.

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How we 3x organic traffic within 6 months

Is 3x organic traffic within 6 months possible?

We've hit this not just once, but three times now for our clients (yay). Here's our go-to strategy in a nutshell:

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How we double traffic and conversions in just 3 months for a SaaS

How we doubled traffic and conversions for a software review site in just 3 months with this strategy...

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How we get on Page 1 in just 10 days

Google “how long SEO takes,” and everyone says it takes 4-12 months to rank on Page 1.

Here’s how we got on Page 1 in just 10 days.

Our full-stack engagement starts at USD10,000/month

100% execution. Results guaranteed.

We will do whatever it takes to move the needle, from brand strategy to copywriting to SEO and link-building.

No more frustration, no more managing freelancers.

Jessica's team was instrumental in helping DataStax achieve triple-digit growth in audience engagement. They can do the same for you, too. If you need help with your content marketing efforts, contact Jessica today. You'll be glad you did.

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